Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can request our services?

Anyone who is in distress/crisis of being in a situation where a loved one/an employee/a business partner etc. has been kidnapped/taken hostage/abducted and the perpetrators demand a ransom for their release. Please mind that the ransom can mean money but also any other marketable goods, publicity, political vindication, prisoners exchange, etc.

Also anyone interested in our trainings, seminars or projects.

How much we charge for our services?

We don't charge for our services (except the training courses and seminars) but our expenses must be covered. Please mind that negotiators from private security companies charge up to 2,000 USD a day plus expenses for their help, whereas negotiations can last for weeks or even months it is a significant amount of money the victim's family must pay in addition to a ransom sum.

Can anyone volunteer?

Yes, anyone can volunteer, however there are certain requirements that need to be met. Volunteers (with exceptions of translators) are expected to cover all of their expenses, they are also subjected to cover the discounted fee for their training.

Where my donation is going?

All our donors are informed by email with details of how their donation is being used. We have many expenses to cover and rely on sponsors which we are valuable members of our team.

DISCLAIMER: 4CrisisRelief is an outreach mission of Postulakirkjan Beth-Shekhinah and acts as non-profit organization within the frame of the church thus does not take any personal responsibility for the outcomes of either the K&R negotiation process or PTSD counseling. All information provided on the website and in person/trainings should not be relied upon as stand-alone advice or recommendations on how to respond to a kidnap for ransom incident or tackle PTSD.  The information we give is not intended to substitute seeking advice from professionals in the fields of psychology, K&R, etc. Neither Dan Sommer, nor Anna E. Jemiolek make any representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of any of the information and recommendations of 4CrisisReelief.  The use of any information/advice/training given by 4CrisisRelief members shall be solely the responsibility of the recipients' own risk.  No content of this website or 4Crisisrelief's teaching materials create a business relationship of any kind whatsoever between the recipients and Dan Sommer or Anna E. Jemiolek.