PTSD and Trauma Counselling Project

4CrisisRelief - Trauma Relief for Syrian Refugees Project

Currently 6 million+ Syrians are displaced outside of Syria. Most of those people are severely traumatized with symptoms of depression, withdrawal, regression, chronic anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares, and obsessive-compulsive, and reactive behaviors. Health services, especially mental health ones, are severely lacking or nonexistent. Trauma due to war and violence is often ignored, and if left untreated becomes fuel for future violence and criminal activity.

At 4CrisisRelief we provide critical PTSD treatment to traumatized families, while training a large and growing pool of local trauma therapists to continue and sustain this life saving service. With this vital local healing project, we can increasingly treat thousands of PTSD victims to heal the devastating emotional and physical impact of war, violence and displacement now, and prevent an entire generation from carrying the toxic, debilitating consequences into their future, and the future of the countries they settle into. Through culturally adapted professional program SPARC, we contribute to the development of the local mental service system that is expanding, sustainable, and reflective of the host culture, and in doing so we empower and promote communal healing.




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