A Global Crisis - Urgent Global Need

In today's global world kidnap for ransom, abductions and hostage-taking have become a serious threat to both rich and poor. No longer do those crimes target only the wealthy and powerful who have direct access to both professional assistance and financial assets. 4CrisisRelief was created for those who do not have such direct access to assistance and assets and haven’t purchased special insurances to cover such crises as kidnapping, wrongful detention or abduction for ransom.

With more than 50 000 kidnappings a year worldwide the need for professional advice and negotiator's assistance is growing fast. Unfortunately most of the victims and their families cannot afford to hire K&R consultants from the private security companies that charge salty fees for their services.

Our sole aim is to provide such help free of charge and also deliver psychological aid for those in need of after-the-crisis counseling.


Our Mission

4CrisisRelief offers international assistance and free advice to victims of humanitarian and political crisis in terms of Kidnap for Ransom negotiations and PTSD counselling.

No case is too far away and no voice is too quiet to be heard

We will devote the time and skills necessary to recover and support crisis' victims.

Who We Are

Anna and Dan - the two founders of 4CrisisRelief, seemed two very different people, were brought together to create the organization which united their life mission: to help people in need, ease suffering, bring hope, empower and motivate.


Anna E. Jemiolek

Founder & PTSD Counsellor

Anna got her Master Degree in Business and Marketing in Wroclaw University of Economics. Her professional experience and curiosity took her through countries like Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Taiwan and the UK where her main focus of expertise was charity and NGO management. Her passion for travel, photography and social work led her to set out for a two year trip across several continents where she tried to help locals in various ways: organizing the collection of books and school aids for children in Ghana, donating blood in Cambodia, buying food for street-beggars in India, playing with orphans in Nepal, supporting and giving lectures for the youth in Indonesia, teaching English in Taiwan. She has visited 45 countries so far. Anna is  also a health-advisor, certified Nutritionist registered with the British Nutrition Council, and 4Crisis Relief PTSD counselor.


Dan Sommer

Founder & K&R Consultant

Dan was born and raised in Denmark but has lived in Iceland for most of his life. His 25 year professional career in military, security and counter terrorism took him around the world where he taught at police and military academies and worked on security related projects in 17 countries on 4 continents. Dan is a certified combat medic, close protection officer and counter terrorism expert. He is K&R consultant and negotiator trained by the best in the subject like Max Morales among others. Dan is also the author of four manuals in the field of counter terrorism, kidnap and ransom and close protection. In 2011 Dan decided to change his life path and after obtaining diplomas in Ministry, Biblical Studies and Pastoral Counseling he took on a full-time role as the Pastor of the Apostles Church Beth-Shekhinah in Iceland. He serves his community as a spiritual teacher, counselor and Reiki Master. His mission in life is to have a positive effect on the world through motivating and empowering people worldwide.

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