Diffusing Crisis

Every year more than 50,000 people get victimized by kidnapping for ransom worldwide. At 4CrisisRelief our sole aim is to help the victims and their families to recover from this traumatic crisis as painlessly as possible. We offer free international assistance and professional advice to victims of humanitarian and political crisis, focusing on aiding the uninsured Kidnap and Ransom victims. Only small number of kidnap victims are covered by a K&R insurance, leaving 95-98% of kidnap victims in life threatening crisis as their families struggle to find information and money to solve the issue alone.

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Easing Suffering

Recovering from a traumatic event always take time and can be a painful and horrifying experience, not only for the victims but also for their families. 4CrisisRelief does not stop at helping people in need of diffusing crisis but assists free-of-charge with counselling and PTSD relief programs after the crisis is resolved.

We also offer training in Trauma & PTSD Counselling for individuals, organizations/parties interested in one-to-one or group counselling as well as training volunteers and leaders who wish to become SPARC Trauma Therapists.

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Bringing Hope

Our crisis response tactic is based on 4R strategy invented by Kidnap & Ransom specialist and professional negotiator Dan Sommer. He also developed a special informational program  for those interested in helping us and doing what we do. Thus 4CrisisRelief provides Kidnap & Ransom training and coaching to NGOs, private organizations, private people, and to all our volunteers. Contact us for more details regarding 4R Crisis Relief Diploma Course and different Outreach projects.

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Our Mission

No case is too far away and no voice is too quiet to be heard.

We will devote our time and skills necessary to recover and support Kidnap & Ransom victims and their families, and offer them free professional advice, counselling and any other help they need.

We also provide training and coaching to different organisations and private persons, and offer various outreach programs and opportunities for volunteers.

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Support Us in Our Work...

4Crisisrelief is a non-profit organization which was founded as an outreach mission of Postulakirjan Beth-Shekhinah - an independent interfaith church located in Reykjavik, Iceland. As we offer our services free of charge we rely on donations and volunteers' help.